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Study after study confirms that kids involved in sports, including gymnastics, are more likely to stay away from drugs, score higher on achievement tests, stay in school, have greater self-esteem, and live a healthier lifestyle. But most importantly, we believe that when a child sees health and fitness as fun, it sets them on a path that lasts a life-time.
Gymnastics provides a great foundation for building strength, flexibility, and fitness and also for life skills, enhancing self-esteem and goal-setting abilities. Gymnastics is a great sport to help build skills for other sports. Gymnastics classes teach body awareness, flexibility, strength, stamina, and coordination.
At GT Performance we teach in an atmosphere conducive to both physical and personal growth. GT Performance Gymnastics has the philosophy to promote confidence and self-worth in all of our students. We strongly believe that the feeling of accomplishment is crucial to the success of children in all aspects of their life. Positive reinforcement and the tremendous physical development aspects of gymnastics are wonderful benefits to children of all ages. Our goal is to continue to develop National Level competitive gymnasts, and just as importantly help develop all children to become self-confident athletes, students and leaders!
Session 1:
January 7 - March 2
Session 2:
March 4- April 27
Session 3:
April 29 - June 22
Session 4:
June 24 - August 24
Session 5:
August 26 - October 21
Session 6:
October 23 - December 16